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There has been a lot of discussion and misinformation regarding the use of PMA parts, their quality, interchangeability with the OEM part; and, most recently, how the use of PMA parts impacts the warranty of the aircraft or powerplant. This issue garnered enough attention from the FAA that they issued a Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB) NE-08-40.

Specifically, the FAA issued the following:

"FAA-approved TC/PC holder, PMA, and STC parts are interchangeable within the certificated product since they are approved only after a full demonstration of compliance to the applicable requirements of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR).  A PMA or STC part, when FAA-approved for installation on a certificated product, is a valid replacement part to the TC/PC holder part according to 14 CFR..."

​A PMA (Parts Manufacturer Approval) is an FAA design and production approval for replacement aircraft parts and components. The FAA reviews the proposed design of the part to verify that it meets their safety regulation requirements and is functionally equivalent to the Original Equipment Manufacturers component which it is designed to replace. The Production Approval Holders Quality Management System is also reviewed to ensure that each manufactured part continues to meet the FAA-approved design. Once approved by the FAA, the PMA holder is permitted to manufacture and supply aircraft parts to OEMs, repair stations and operators.

PMA Aeroparts aircraft parts meet or exceed the quality and performance of OEM parts they are designed to replace, while providing shorter lead times and substantial cost savings. Please visit our PMA Parts page to view more information about our products.